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Evidence Based Research Results from Thomas E. Weightman Middle School’s schoolwide implementation of Right Choices™ Social Skills Training Program


Statistics from the school's 92-93 and 93-94 annual reports on discipline referrals reveal that there was a decrease of 13% in the actual numbers of referrals associated with conflict management, but also a full 50% decrease in referrals for conflicts that escalated to aggression.

Student conflict management comprised 45% of 1993-94's discipline referrals as compared with the 1992-93 year in which 58% of the referrals involved similar incidences.

Even though there was only a decrease of 13% in the number of referrals for inappropriate conflict management, the interviews with the three administrators who handle most of the discipline referrals, revealed that they were seeing very few aggressive acts and the ones they were dealing with were much less violent or aggressive than last-year's referrals.

 Outstanding Evidence

            The number of referrals for, fighting that resulted in physical harm had decreased from 10% (n=208 out of 2080 or 10%) down by half to 5% (n=143 out of 2848 or 5%). A reduction of 50% in the number of serious fights confirmed interviews with the principals and teachers on the staff who reported that this schoolwide structured learning approach provided a consistent, effective approach to discipline and skill training.


Report information verified by Carolyn Allen, Assistant Principal, Thomas E. Weightman Middle School Pasco County, FL.


Frequently asked questions about the Right Choices Curriculum:


RIGHT CHOICESÔ - A video-driven, Social Skills, Conflict Resolution and Discipline program.


How can we continually train and modify our adolescents’ behavior and still have time to teach?

As educators of 11-18 year old students, whether they are in a single class or an entire school system, we know that the learning curve is greatly increased when our students’ behavior is appropriate.  Effective behavior change can only take place after students see demonstrations and modeling of appropriate behaviors, followed by many chances to practice and be reinforced across different settings, to ensure true transfer of training.


RIGHT CHOICESÔ is a kit of video-driven curriculum with all the necessary non-consumable materials to get the above difficult task done.  Most of the work as teachers is done for you in the video lessons as students and the teachers’ discuss model and role play the skills to jump start the lessons.

Included in the kit: Video lessons, posters, quizzes, role play scripts, real life scripts, reinforcement tickets, alternative behavior referrals, lesson plans, teacher’s manual, and coordinator’s manual.


34 Weekly Lessons - No Planning Necessary

Included in the Kit:

A Discipline Plan that has the entire staff and students using the problem-solving steps and conflict resolution

skills, providing constant reinforcement and transfer of training.


A Reinforcement Program that provides daily opportunities to reinforce the transfer

of training - Bus Drivers, custodians, office staff - everyone can give out skill tickets

and use the alternative behavioral referral.



Studies have shown that RIGHT CHOICESÔ reduces referrals for aggression by 50%! Whether you are addressing one class or an entire school, you will see your students’ behavior change as they are constantly reminded by posters, video lessons and everyone prompting them to - “Stop and Think”, “Think about your choices and their consequences”!  (When we choose any behavior we are also choosing the consequence.) This cuts through the universal, emotionally laden, adolescent power struggles while releasing the students to be responsible problem solvers.



Right ChoicesÔ curriculum is used with 4th grade through 12th grade students.  It is also being used by college professors to train student teachers in pro-social skills training in special education classes.



Special education teachers, general education teachers, alternative education teachers, home economics/life skills teachers, coordinators of advisor-advisee programs, media specialists, guidance counselors, social workers, school psychologists, administrators, special education college professors



Right ChoicesÔ has been implemented in over 4,000 schools including district wide schools in Chapel Hill NC, Houston TX, Sarasota FL, Atlanta GA (a list of sites is on our website).  Practitioner tested and adapted from Arnold Goldstein’s extensive research and others’ work based on the structured learning approach.  Studies have shown that the RIGHT CHOICESÔ  curriculum reduces referrals for aggression by 50%!



TOUGH CHOICES™, beyond Anger Management - a gripping, unique, MTV style, video-driven curriculum that heals self-esteem, teaches emotional/anger management and meets all objectives for Character Education. This ready-to-use kit has 4 videos, 150 activities, 200 page manual, 6 track relaxation CD and can be delivered in 6 to 150 sessions. Age: 4th grade through college age. (Tough Choices has recently been selected as a national pilot program for the Job Corps)


Help! I Have a Teenager Parenting ProgramÔ - Ten parenting classes on videos with a 50 page manual and a facilitator’s guide to take you through the program.  Can be used in parenting groups, shown at PTA meetings, or checked out to parents.  Videos demonstrate techniques for getting out of the power struggles with teens while teaching them good decision making skills using the same “Stop and Think” language that the school is using with Right ChoicesÔ.  Optional free biblical reference guide available.  (Videos are created to stand alone for parents who have difficulty with written materials.)



Dr. Linda Hebert-Ford has over 30 years experience working with adolescents and their communities. She is a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and consults with and trains school systems across the country in social skills, conflict management, anger/emotional management and character education interventions.  As a school counselor and family therapist, for fifteen years, she has had the opportunity to find out what types of interventions have long lasting effects.  Her focus is on the belief that adolescent issues that come to our attention really need simple to implement, system-wide efforts (across home and school settings when possible) with follow-up.

She started the peer mediation program in Pasco County, Florida and has appeared on the Montel Williams Show, Fox News and ABC News with her social skills, anger management and parenting programs.




The Right ChoicesÔ  and Tough Choices™ training program includes consultation with the organization to offer appropriate system-wide recommendations for conflict management.  Training is custom designed to easily integrate into existing mission statements, school improvement plans, parent involvement plans and existing discipline programs.


Full day and half-day Training of Trainers programs are available.  The model for training consists of:

1.                   Building a Rationale for Social Skills or Emotional Management Training (Teacher Buy-In).

2.                   Demonstration of the Program.

3.                   Extensive experiential practice with all phases of the program.

4.                   Transfer of Training opportunities.  Developing an action plan.


Goal: Participants will leave feeling competent with the implementation all parts of the program.

Technique: Participants, in cooperative learning groups, become students and experience the videos, role plays, scripted role plays, real life scripts, reinforcement tickets etc.  Teachers really enjoy the process as they compete for Right ChoicesÔ raffle tickets, and start to realize how motivating reinforcement tickets can be.  (The grand prize could be a FREE pass from the office staff who will substitute in the teacher’s class for a day!)

Cost: $2,500.00 per day, plus expenses or $1200.00 per half-day plus expenses for as many personnel as needed (This price also allows you to videotape training to use for new employees or for refreshers).  This fee includes customizing training and consultations with the organizations regarding recommendations for integration of programs.

For more information on Right ChoicesÔ,  Tough Choices™ or Help! I Have a TeenagerÔ call


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Tough Choices: Life Skills training video/DVD lessons and worksheets for youth, anger & emotional management curriculum classes for troubled teens. Evidence based, teen youth education program, techniques & strategies. Anti bullying, conflict resolution, violence prevention, after school programs, character education, Help parenting. Provide counseling or free group therapy to watch on DVD video classes.

Help Parenting for Teens: Help parenting teenagers - Provide free parenting classes for parents of troubled teens. DVD video assisted lessons worksheets for group therapy classes and education reduce conflicts. DVD video classes, worksheets, activities. Avoid teen trouble and raise self esteem. Offer to school districts, free watch at home.

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